Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merrry Kitschmas!

Here we are, on Christmas Eve eve, waiting for that guy in the red suit and hoping for a snowy white Christmas here in Atlanta!  Jeff, our good friend Brian, and myself are all going to saddle up in the car tonight, eat some bbq and do our annual "Northcrest Tour of Lights"!  Look for the results tomorrow on Home Sweet Split Level!  There are really some impressive houses in the 'hood, but Brian's probably takes the cake!  He prides himself on riding that line between over-the-top awesome fun, without being tacky.  It really is spectacular this year!  Here is sneak peek...

Oh don't worry, he has added more since this picture!

And, last but not least, here are our holiday decorations this year.  I swore I was going to pull out all the stops, but I just didn't have time with everything going on this year.  I am determined to stock up on some crafty holiday supplies for next year's handmade holiday when everything goes on sale.  I did make the wreath I had been dreaming of this year, and I may have squealed when the handmade vintage felt deer ornaments went perfectly with it.  We also usually get a real tree, which I adore, but we weren't in town much earlier this month so we pulled out our old college tree.  It is so tiny that I had to put it up on boxes for it to fill the space!  Oh well, it is really about the ornaments to me anyway!  I adore a good vintage ornament, and I picked up several new ones this year....we are going to have to get a bigger tree eventually because all my ornaments won't fit!
Improvised vintage Santa tree-topper.

Awesome wrapping paper from Target.

Holiday Tea crafting.

Holiday House.

Best attempt at a holiday dog portrait.
Have the happiest of holidays, all!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Free photo apps for my Iphone!  I just downloaded the free version of tilt shift generator yesterday when I saw it on a great local blog Piewacket written by Lara Rossignol.  Lara is a very talented photographer who takes stunning pictures, so I trusted her suggestion and dowloaded it immediately.  It makes a dreamy blur vignette which is so lovely.  I also just jumped on the Instagram bandwagon (thanks to my friend and lovely blogger Lesley at Homemade Grits), which I like because you can upload photos directly to your Twitter, Facebook, and/or Flickr accounts.  It also keeps up with a live feed of your photos and friends that you "follow".  You simply take a photo, layer a filter over it, and upload.  Simple and fun.  Photoshop Mobile (free version) is always handy to do quick effects and touch ups on the go. 

Here are some recent photos I have taken with these apps: