Wednesday, June 16, 2010

searching for...the perfect dining room lighting

Owning a mid-century modern home is like being on a 20-year restoration plan, forget that 5 year plan to get everything just perfect.  This may be due to the number of projects that my husband Jeff and I have on our list, in various stages of "done-ness", or our willingness to search ebay and craigslist relentlessly in an effort to find the perfect mid-century fit for our home at a reasonable price.  On our list of the latest things we are searching for is the perfect pendant lighting to hang over our dining room table.  One of the very first things we did when we moved here in 2008 was to change out all the lighting.  There were some travesties of the 80's that included a louvered, smokey glass pendant light in the kitchen and a quintessential brass chandy in the dining room.  We installed some "interim" lighting to make it look like home until we can find the right match.
(dining room now: current lighting, embroidered drum shade; vintage walnut dining set, Kudzu Antiques; fabric on chairs, Thomas Paul; platter, Eva Zeisel "Holiday" line.)
We love the look of the Nelson bubble lights, produced for the Herman Miller line in 1947.  We imagine them in a trio, hovering above our table. 

There are also so many interesting pendant trios out there, like this one found in a google search.  This is a really amazing light, and would match our kitchen and dining rooms wonderfully, too bad it was already sold.

In the meantime the search will continue until we find that absolutely perfect and semi-budget friendly vintage fixture!

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  1. Get a Nelson light. We have one in our dining room and it looks soooo good. My wife makes fun of me because I like to just sit there and stare at it.

    Swing by sometime to see it in person if you want.