Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Springtime Plants...

Our dogwood tree.
I think it is finally safe to say that spring is here, along with April showers!  This time of year is the best in Northcrest.  The neighborhood comes alive with tons of flowering plants, especially famous for our plethora or azaleas and dogwood trees!  The mature, tree-lined streets are gorgeous and I never feel like I'm here in the city.  Here are just a few quick pictures of our yard right now...

Pink Camellia Bushes.

Some Azaleas and Camellias.  I would love to trim this area so it is not so overgrown, anyone have any tips?

We have so many projects lined up for spring...among them is working on a new mailbox and small planting bed underneath.  There is a lovely hydrangea bush by the mailbox and a nicely shaped boxwood so I am hoping to plant some color and texture below them next to our new mailbox.  We are also getting close to installing our Crestview Door Light Kit.  Can't wait to get it in and let go of the glass door (which sadly, and not unlike the carpet, Pizmo will really miss!).

*Anyone have tips on trimming roses?  We have a couple (very old) roses at the street and I would love to trim them to maximize their blooms.  I also need tips on trimming back and shaping some overgrown azaleas, hydrangea, and other flowering bushes!


  1. It's too late to trim back flowering plants without losing the blooms for the year. Wait until fall when the blooms go dormant and then trim them back mercilessly. You'll have incredible blooms next spring. (How many times did I just say "blooms"? Blooms. )

  2. so glad to have found ur blog :)...being an atlantian myself...would love to know more about the Northcrest neighbourhood and lovely homes there :)