Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Photo Round-Up...

A rare lavendar/purple Northcrest original bath!  The tile is in beautiful condition!
An original Northcrest bathroom in yellow.  I flipped over that is so awesome!

Two original Northcrest lights and an awesome intercom system from a 1961 traditional split-level.

Great MCM building off Armour Dr. that is home to Puddle of Pooch.


  1. I have one of the original fiberglass lights in my house but sadly it has been painted the same color as the wall. I need to figure out a way to safely strip it.

  2. I love those! Very cool. Maybe try some of that earth friendly orange stripper. I would be afraid the chemical stripper might dry out the fiberglass. Brian and Kevin gave us an original hall light a while back and we are going to put it up in sometime in the future. Add it to the project list!