Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adventures in thrifting...

So last week I found some time to stop in at a few of my favorite places to look around and do some junkin'. Chamblee has a brand new Last Chance Thrift store, which Ken had told me about a couple of weeks ago. I have been 3 times so far, so it is definately in it's trial phase with me, but this last time will at least ensure I go back a few more times. I found a great Ben Seibel for Iroquois teapot for $6.99. It is in perfect shape and of course I couldn't resist buying it for that price, so I brought it home Several neighbors here in Northcrest have collections of Iroquois Impromptu dishes so I am finding out more and more about the line. We have a nice candelabra in the Pins and Needles pattern, of which I saw an entire set of dishes when we went to 20th Century Cincinnati show earlier this year. I would love to have found the teapot in Pins and Needles to match, but this is a fun pattern too!

Our candelabra in the Pins and Needles pattern.
Set of Ben Seibel for Iroqouis Dishes in Pins and Needles in Cincinnati.

The pitcher I picked up.

Ben Seibel on Ebay:

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