Tuesday, July 13, 2010

V is for Valiant...

Overall, this summer has really been a crazy one for us!  Between my huge career change from installation art to modern real estate and putting on all the social events at Northcrest Swim and Tennis Club (don't miss the LUAU this Saturday, with hula dancers!) we have barely had time to think about anything else.  Things keep getting crazier and better here in Northcrest.  I swear we feel like we've lived here a decade, and it has only been 2 years.  One of our dreams was realized recently by happenstance, and it happened all right here in Northcrest...you don't have to go far when you have such awesome people living in your neighborhood!

Jeff and I have always wanted an old car and as long as I can remember I had my heart set on an International Scout....until I found out that they really didn't make an automatic and well, I just can't drive a stick shift.  I never learned how really, and I'm fairly certain I would be terrible at it.  I moved on to wanting some sort of 50's-60's something, with fins or bullet lights, but those are huge and I'm not awesome at parking big things.  Hmm...oh well, it didn't seem like buying a vintage car was going to happen for several years, so it didn't really matter.  But this changed recently when Jeff saw our neighbor Ken at the pool (coincidentally, Ken is domoREALTY's amazing home stager and all around art director...it really is a neighborhood affair!) and he was thinking of selling his 1960 Valiant.  Long story short, we now are the very proud owners of an awesome 1960 Valiant with a slant 6, four doors, push-button automatic, power brakes and steering, original red interior, and of course, dual ashtrays in the backseat!......and I can actually park it.  Thanks Ken!


  1. Wow, what a VALIANT...
    Love your newest addition to your mid century lifestyle awesomeness.

  2. Thanks Petra, now when is Lukas getting his vintage motorcycle? We are going to start a vintage car/motorcycle/scooter gang here in Northcrest!

  3. Sounds great. We have to get vintage vehicle too (at least a bicycle :o) ) Can't wait! :o)