Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eva Zeisel...

Back in February when we went on our roadtrip with friends Brian and Kevin to the 20th Century Cincinnati show (more on the trip here) Jeff fell in love with a set of Eva Zeisel dinnerware in a Kentucky antique mall.  It was timely that we had just upgraded to iPhones the week before (and that we had Brian and Kevin around to actually show us how to use them!), so there we were....walking around the antique mall, thinking it over, researching it, wondering if we would ever have the chance to buy a nice set again.  I can always tell when Jeff really wants something, and he does have a "thing" for all mid-century dinnerware/servingware/glassware and so it wasn't long before they were wrapping them up at the cash register.  We found out that this set of dinnerware from Hallcraft in the Holiday pattern was reproduced in 1999 in conjunction with the exhibition Lost Molds and Found Dinnerware: Rediscovering Eva Zeisel's Hallcraft . The molds for this collection (Tomorrow's Classic) were thought to be lost and the production of this line ceased in the 50's.  Once we were back home in Northcrest and hanging out with some neighbors, our friend Lukas told us more about it and helped fill in some holes on the research we had done.  He also has a lovely set of Hallcraft Tomorrow's Classic in a different pattern.  Here is a portion of it, including my favorite, the serving platter.

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