Friday, July 16, 2010

Vintage Vera and Marcel Breuer...

I love vintage Vera Neumann textiles, and have been collecting Vera scarves for a while now.  There is currently a resurgence of Vera prints coming out at in the likes of clothes, stationary, accessories, bedding, and table linens.  This is all thanks to the licensing deals that The Very Company, based here in Atlanta, are making.  They house all the Vera archives, including tons and tons of screens.  Vera made at least one new design a day up until the time of her death.  I adore a vintage lady screenprinter especially since I studied printmaking in college!  There is also a wonderful book coming out in September that chronicles much of Vera's work and is written by Susan Seid, who saved the archives from an uncertain future.

Vera was also friends with Marcel Breuer who designed her home, The Neumann House 1952, as well as her New York City Showroom.

   Vera Neumann on Ebay:

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